My approach to OCM is very participatory with frequent communication and respect for organizational dynamics going through a change. Resistance is expected, and is addressed with joint process design, training and coaching, readiness and adoption metrics, acceleration techniques and reward systems.


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Organizational Change Management Consulting



Organization change can only proceed at a pace appropriate for the organization - when you analyze failures in the enterprise at achieving process improvement two mistakes emerge: 1) not enough team involvement, 2) not enough time.

The trick is to ascertain where you are and chart a course to where you want to be in five years. This organizational change strategy then leads to pragmatic short term goals that you can achieve this year, this quarter, and on this project.

Each individual moves through a change at their own pace. I am a proponent of the ADKAR model in this regard. It begins with Awareness for the change that leads toDesire if the change consultant approaches it respectfully always seeking input and involvement. I must demonstrate what's in it for them in a context that makes sense for the adopter. Then Knowledge is imparted through training or one-on-one coaching that leads to Ability to adopt the change. In my experience the Knowledge and Ability steps for individuals are much easier once they are Aware and Desire the change. This point can not be overstated. Lastly, Reinforcement sustains the change and guards against individuals snapping back to old ways causing organizational change failure